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Jul 3rd, 2013 by My Licious World in Food

Hello foodies folks! Annyeonghaseyo 안녕하세요! Living in Adelaide doesn’t mean I get no luck having good international cuisine.. . nah ah buddies :) just 15min drive away from Adelaide CBD heading north-east there is a high numbers of Korean’s goodies, groceries, hair salon and restaurant!!! Yup,sure do! I have my few favourite place to get my groceries, dine and beauty treatment!!
It took me quite some time to explore into Korean food, I’m not so sure why it took me so long to do so, perhaps i tough that Japanese cuisine and Korean are very similar and that’s nothing special about Korean food. And I was wrong about it!
Well the very first time I had Korean food, it changes my prospective, they have much more flavour,varieties and spices comparing to the japanese food. Say no more I shall share it out and make you dribble on your keyboard/ ipad/iPhone / androids ..lol




Their food is tasty, authentic and well priced. This is a place to be if you are looking for some delicious korean food! I have been there plenty of times and my top 3 dishes would be dolsot bibimbap, sweet potato noodles and pork rib soup :) Oh my.. writing this blog makes me hungry.

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Another Korean restaurant that we visited and is just in Adelaide CBD
Lovely environment and good food too! Here some tease of what I had





Nice? We did enjoy every bits of it.
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Well folks this is it.. 안녕 Annyeong

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